The stars have christened me 'magnificent.'
The name is Lillian, and I'm a timelady from Gallifrey. I'm 772, and growing older by the second, so why waste anymore time chit-chatting? Let's go on an adventure that will never end.
I am all the things you never thought were real.

the uηiverse reflected iη her face

Send “Goodbye” for the last phone message my character would leave yours before they died.

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"I’m investigating the deaths in this town. There have been seven in the past month."

"And the FBI suddenly cares?"

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    He laughed, thinking she was only joking when she didn’t move. But he dropped the smile, confused when she seemed to actually not know what he was asking. He didn’t want to say anything about it when she finally got the hint, so he got dressed as quickly as possible. Of course he had absolutely not with him at the time other than a gun -which had been oh so conveniently taken away- and his cell. He knew calling Dean would be him best bet and he took a few seconds to do that, mostly because there was no answer.

    He came out to meet her in the hallway, anxious to go. “Hey, how long was I out for?” He only just realized it could have been the night or two whole days.

  Lillian leaned against the wall of the dull hospital hallway, watching as nurses in an unflattering shade of green and Doctors with a white coat that flew behind them as they charged down the halls pushing stretchers that held ill beings on them. Whiffs of disinfectants and something like the scent of rubbing alcohol were picked up by Lillian’s nose. The smell was very odd, it all smelled too sterile, too clean

 After a few minutes of gazing around the hall Sam finally walked out of the door. His face was barely illuminated, no thanks to the dim lights that flickered on the ceiling. Lillian glanced at a clock that hung on the wall that sang a repetitive tune of ticking. “I brought you in at about 11 last night, you’ve been asleep for 13 hours,” her voice was quite monotone as she answered his question. Humans slept a lot compared to Time Lords, it’s always been a thing of humans that intrigued her. “Well, no time like the present,” a small smile was plastered on her face as she spun around on the ball of her heel and began to walk down the hall, hardly waiting up for him. After a few seconds she glanced behind her shoulder to check if he followed. Lillian was quite the impatient one, she liked to get the show on the road. Waiting is never any fun.

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❝—I wouldn’t move if I were you.

There was no hesitation in Dean’s swift
movements as he pressed the gun to the
back of the individuals head. His finger was
on the trigger and was ready to pull it if need
be. It would sure be a mess.

It all happened so quickly, one moment she was
heading out the door, and the next she could feel
a cold metal pressed on the back of her head that
sent shivers down her spine. A small tingling of
fear went through her body, but she wouldn’t
ever admit such a thing.

I’m not one of the bad guys here, okay?

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"I’d like to ask you a few questions, please."

"And why is that?"

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"I said ‘I’m fine’.”

"I’m too old for such games, your words don’t fool me."

"But I guess if you don’t want to talk about it, I can’t force you."

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"A short and loving life isn’t so bad."



Bonnie & Clyde Starters


"I guess you have a point, ma’am. Thanks for the insight…"



"I think I’ve been around a bit longer than you have, Miss. Trust me, go out and enjoy your life while you’re still able to live it.”

"No, you’re really not."

"You see these eyes? They’re old eyes. Very, very old eyes. Quite tired too."

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Send “Don’t push me away, I love you.” For my character’s reaction.

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“Remember who you are, or they’ve already won!”


"Sometimes… Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to. Our memories define us. Create us. Don’t give that up."


"But I don’t want to be defined by who I was, don’t you get it? I’m not that person anymore!    Or at least I don’t want to be..”

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the 13th gif/icon in your folder if what your muse(s) look like when they are told off












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